What Does Your Personality Say About Your Meal Prep Style? Part 2

Whether you are new to the kitchen scene, or have been at it awhile, meal prepping can be a daunting task. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the stressors of daily life and before we know it, we are grabbing that $9 sushi on our lunch break and picking up a pizza on the way home. I get it. Life happens. We’re all busy with work, personal commitments, doctors appointments, our relationships, the list goes on. 

Butttt I’m going to challenge you here. The more we make excuses for ourselves, the further we get from accessing the things that will ultimately make us healthier, and by extension, happier. So today, I am going to share with you specific tips on how to access your BEST MEAL PREP SELF. Find out your personality type and access your Game Plan for meal prep success. 

Last week, I outlined 4 Meal Prep Personalities —if you missed it, go back and read my article here. 

Buckle up, buttercup. Let's do this. 

#1 The Artiste - Remember, inspiration is the key driver here and this person thrives on spontaneity. 

Tips for Meal Prepping:

  • Decide on main components of a dish but leave room for spontaneity. Example “I’m going to make a soup, a vegetable and a grain for meal prep this week, but I will decide later on how it will come together."
  • Commit to a certain number of times cooking per week and no rules outside of that. A commitment must be made! 
  • Cook with a partner, this will add to the fun and you can bounce ideas off of each other! 

#2 The Careful Planner - You will recall this is the polar opposite of Artiste. This person doesn’t like the kitchen to be a place of surprise.

  • Decide your menu on Saturday for the following week and cook all meals on Sunday. 
  • Example: Mondays are for veggie casserole and Wednesdays are fish tacos. 
  • Create or follow a detailed plan for the week with recipes, grocery list and failsafe options if items are out of stock.
  • Remember: not everything goes to plan and improvisation can be fun. Experiment with swapping out vegetables in recipes to teach yourself. 

#3 The Lazy Chef. What do we remember? Motivation and convenience is king for the Lazy Chef. 

  • Find your motivation: Why cook more, what’s in it for you? Post that reason at your computer at work.
  • Try pairing your meal prepping with an activity like watching Netflix or listening to a podcast. 
  • Make life easy for yourself: keep an arsenal of quick recipes on your phone downloaded in iBooks or Photos so you can jump on the energy when you have it. 

#4 The Hunter-Gatherer. Ah, yes, this person eats out of necessity. We need to keep it simple.

  • Decide on 2-3 dishes that you will meal prep on Sunday for the whole week. 
  • Bring healthy snacks to work to avoid convenience of unhealthy snacks. (Carrots and Hummus, Fruit)
  • Lean into your assets: plan out your recipes and keep a grocery list to stay organized.
  • Remember: Have fun in the process, invite a friend over!

You are now armed with the powerful knowledge on how to get started with meal prep. You can do this!! invest in yourself and your health. What could be MORE worth it?