Jet-Setting This Winter? 7 Tips To Avoid Getting Sick

If you are anything like me, you LOVE to travel. Touching down in a new city, breathing in new experiences and encountering new and old faces. That’s what dreams are made of.

Here’s what I don’t like. Being cooped up in a germ-filled metal tube for 3+ hours during the high flu season among 350 perfect strangers. It doesn’t exactly put me at ease.

Fortunately, after traveling to 8 countries this year, I have trial-ed and error-ed, and now I’ve successfully managed to figure out the key ingredients to staying healthy in the air. 

These 7 travel tips will be super helpful if you are traveling during these cold winter months: 

1. Pretend you are at home. Seriously. Sometimes people take advantage of being in an airport or airplane and think, “Oh, well if I eat fast food in the airport, it doesn’t really count.” Well…unfortunately my darling, it does. If your body doesn’t respond well to it at home, it’s not suddenly going to jump with glee when you’re in the air. The key here is to treat yourself on travel days just as compassionately as you do at home.

2. Bring your snacks! Yes, they give you food on international flights. But it’s over-salted, mushy and very unhealthy. It’s like putting diesel in your car when you should really be putting premium in that gorgeous machine of yours. Instead, try visiting the bulk foods section of your grocery store to make home-made trail mix. You can also bring cut up carrot and celery sticks, hummus sandwiches (they don’t go bad) and unsweetened dried fruit.

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3. Find your sleep routine. I used to be the worst sleeper on planes and it was miserable. I would watch with envious eyes as everyone around me zonked out with their mouths agape and think “why can’t I do that?” That was me until I found the perfect cocktail: neck pillow + melatonin (a natural supplement for sleep) + an amazing sleep mask. Everyone needs something different, find what works for you.

4. Prepare for dry air. That dry airplane air will surely get to your skin and lips if you’re not careful! Always pack lip balm and a moisturizing face mask in your carry on to use mid-flight. Who cares if you look silly? Let them marvel at your fresh glowing face as you exit a long journey. They’ll be the ones with the face mask next time.

5. Hydrate for days. Like I mentioned, airplanes dry you out! Make sure you drink that H20 so that you don’t feel drained and dehydrated when you land. This is when you ask the Flight Attendant for 2 cups of water instead of a cocktail. 😀 

6. Supplement your system! During these cold winter months, its important to make sure you arm yourself with as much protection as possible. I recommend Wellness Formula from Whole Foods which is a preventative supplement jam-packed with immunity building vitamins and minerals. Plain ole Vitamin C will do the trick too.  

7. And finally…Beware of Babies. We all have had that moment where we see those tired parents in the aisle walking down with their newborn looking for their seat and pray silently, “please not me, please not me.” Well...hope is not a strategy. My suggestion? Take ear plugs just in case. Then you can get that amazing beauty sleep you SO deserve.